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On The Fly Update

Here is a short update as to a little of my shoot activities in NYC, with the Kinky Bunker and with Cyn Studios.  

When I had recorded this I was waiting to film Alexa Complex in the long overdue smoking POV.  OMG  She is a smoking beast.  HOLY GOD.. I was sitting with my damn eyes bulging from my narrow little scull.  I’ve never seen any one person take in so much smoke and french inhale in one sitting.  The entire room was filled with smoke after. 
I have been fortunate to meet many great people in NYC - so many are up and coming and successful artists/ producers/ directors/ designers doing big things in each of their individual fields.  It really encourages me to maintain my drive and focus on some of my business goals 
Special thanks to 
  • Alexa Complex and Betty Pickle for being amazing colleagues 
  • my foot sniffing, cock sucking, toilet bitch
  • slave barry for the gym help 
  • the sweet slaves who were helpful and dutiful to Me during my stay, making my life easier in so many ways - thats why I will always have a space in my heart for your generosity - your service is appreciated more than you know


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