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Mistress, did you die?!

I have been hearing as of current – “It seems damn near impossible to get a hold of you!”

Well, as of late, for some of you, it has been very difficult to get a hold of me. This, I know. Let me provide you with the touch of insight.

Some of you may know that I had recently come down with a bout of food poisoning prior to my most recent trip to New York. This put me down for a couple of days.

Now, when I travel, as a state to many of you, I’m often booked up BEFORE I even arrive to particular location. Now, what this really means is while I am at a particular location I have little to no time (due to a very full schedule) to check emails.

During my trip, I could feel the New York rain affecting my sleep deprived and overworked body more than normal. Upon arriving back to my home state, Arizona, my allergies kicked up in addition to the full onset of my symptoms hit me like a brick in the face. I’ve since been in the bed or on the couch going in and out of consciousness. I will spare you the nasty details.

Needless to say, this is put me unusually far behind.

Now, I do you live a very full, balanced life, dedicating much of myself to helping my family, enjoying vanilla activities with close friends and family, personal kinky time, and of course, I save time for the special slaves and subs I hand pick to session with, and put aside time to shoot the photos and videos that you enjoy so much.

As you can guess, that means after all of this I check emails.

For those who have seen me before, it is much easier; they already have my number for direct contact.

In fact, often when I travel I post no ads at all, and only keep clients I have seen prior in the loop. I have much repeat clientele (to make the implicit explicit- my looks get people through the door-my personality, demeanor, presence, etc. keep them coming back.).

Which means it’s that’s much harder for those of you who are new to me to get through to me as quickly.

In which case I would say “Patience is a virtue” and “the early bird gets the worm” would be the most appropriate phrases to help you.

I would also take care as to how and what you put into your request when you write me. You can see the FAQs post I put up. It will help you.

If you do not put care into the way you phrase your words or request or I deem it disrespectful or an insult to my time, it will be disregarded.

Another hint: Twitter and insta are fast easy ways to get my attention. (Don’t waste your opportunity there). Be a gentleman or woman and I will regard you as such.

I hope this doesn’t fall upon deaf ears and my words are of some help or consolation.

Take care, my plaything.


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